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Couch Time with Sonja is a talk show where "Your Story Matters"!

A safe place where you can be totally you! A no judgment zone! We will laugh, cry, pray, empower, cultivate and inspire each other to walk in our purpose. 

Couch Time with Sonja is a family space where you can engage in candid conversations on a wide variety of topics while sharing your personal thoughts, experiences, views and opinions. Our mission is to provide a trusted and invaluable source of information that is encouraging, relevant, engaging, and entertaining while embracing, empowering, equipping and strengthening the life of the audience we serve.

At Couch Time with Sonja our vision is to be the most valued, vital and vibrant service based talk show. One that inspires people to look at the world from multiple perspectives and capitalizes on emerging opportunities to serve our audience and engage our communities.


Couch Time with Sonja gives a fresh perspective to topics that are current in our lives today. It is our desire not to just talk about topics but to communicate about them.  Couch Time with Sonja will be inspirational for some, transformational for others, entertaining for most yet informative for all.

Airs weekly on Cable TV on Wednesday 2:30pm CST/3:30pm EST on NOW Network , Digital TV - KVVV 15.10 on Sunday evenings at 7pm CST. Roku, Amazon Prime and more.  If outside the viewing area you can watch at the same time online at www.couchtimewithsonja.com   or www.facebook.com/couchtimewithsonja