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         I Am

Welcome to my page. It’s not coincidence that you’ve landed here.
You are someone…
  • with big dreams
  • who loves life and has more to give,
  • who wants to get the most out of life,
  • who wants to fulfill their potential,
  • who needs inspiration to get started, reset, or keep going.
​You are someone who deserves to live a life that you love inside and out. That's where I come in.  Read on and discover what you and I can accomplish together… I look forward to Embracing you!

Before we move further along in our relationship, I want to thank you. Thank you for inspiring me to Dream Big. To go full out and not play small. To get back up when I fall. To live a life that uncovers the aspects of my authentic self so that I can share more of me, with you.

My mission is to EMBRACE the real you. Yes, the real - authentic - you! That means your entire story matters and each part is a piece of your own unique puzzle. You see, it takes several puzzle pieces to form one masterpiece. You are a masterpiece! 


I enjoy providing coaching to individuals who have a dream, a passion that they want to realize. It's not about me, but rather about self-discovery for my clients, of their higher purpose! Whatever your obstacles are, don't just go around them, learn how to EMBRACE and remove them through coaching and together your purpose will be brought into focus!


"Let's take the journey together.

You Have Greatness Inside Of You...Embrace It and Let The World See It!"



"Success should never be measured by reaching the goals others have decided are best for you, but instead by reaching the ones YOU deem as desirable, no matter how big or small they are perceived to be by you or others"

Email for Your Complimentary 15min. Embrace Call

-Sonja Lowe

You did it! Thank you for your message. Sonja will contact you soon.

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