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High-Impact Leadership/ Mentor Programs (LMP)

A thriving, impactful Leadership/ Mentoring program is within your reach. But great leadership programs don’t just happen. They are built through thoughtful planning and sustained commitment to guiding participants through the mentoring process while continually improving the program.

Corporate Leadership / Mentorship

Leadership / Mentorship is essential for the success of many organizations. Employers can boost employee retention and engagement by setting up a corporate LMP program with Sonja.  Whether the program is formal or informal, employees can benefit from this type of workplace relationship. Sonja works side by side with organizations to implement a corporate mentorship program that fits company specific core values.


Effective corporate-mentoring programs focus on objectives such as increasing employee productivity and engagement, retaining talent and succession planning. 

Individual Leadership / Mentorship

What are the benefits of a LMP relationship with Sonja Lowe? 


Sonja has a unique approach that encourages each mentee to achieve more than imagined.  A mentoring relationship can provide a mentee with greater clarity on life and career choices. There are 5 phases to a leadership / mentoring relationship:

1.  Focus on Growth

2.  Building Rapport

3.  Setting Direction

4.  Progression 

5.  Moving On 


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Group Leadership / Mentorship

A leadership / mentoring group is a collection of mentoring relationships that meet together on a regular basis for an agreed upon length of time. The group's primary purpose is to help mentees accomplish two tasks:

1. Set important development goals and

2. Build competence and character to reach those goals.


Group leadership / mentoring programs can produce an array of positive outcomes (behavioral, emotional, academic, etc.) and seem to be effective across a wide range of youth participants (ages, ethnicities, etc.).

Additional relational processes, such as group cohesion and belonging and a strong group identity, may also contribute to the outcomes experience from group mentoring.

Group mentoring programs offer a context for activities that develop mentee skills, change mentee attitudes, and offer positive peer interactions; and that these processes may lead to positive outcomes for participants.

Sonja believes strongly in nurturing the next generation of leaders. The group program provides a mentoring and networking opportunity. 

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