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"Broken and BARE: Mastering Self Transformation in Life & Business" is an invaluable guide authored by Dr. Sonja Lowe, known as The Embrace Coach. The book encapsulates the formidable challenges of entrepreneurship through Dr. Lowe's BARE philosophy—Becoming Authentic, Real, and Exposed.

In the book, Dr. Lowe outlines eight Self-Transformation Strategies centered on reclaiming confidence, rebuilding trust, and embracing greatness. Each chapter includes a personal testament from Dr. Lowe, where she shares her firsthand experiences and insights related to the strategy discussed, providing readers with a real-life example of the strategy in action.


"Broken and BARE" goes beyond traditional business guides by offering a blueprint for navigating the complexities of business with resilience and insight. Dr. Lowe's approach empowers readers to view challenges as opportunities for growth, transforming potential setbacks into stepping stones toward personal and professional success. This book is a resource for anyone looking to unlock their potential and discover the greatness withi​n .                                           

Broken & BARE Mastering Self-Transformation in Life & Business

  • "Broken & BARE   Mastering Self Transformation in Life & Business"

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